Not a day goes by in the mountains without thinking about my good buddy Lucas Horan, who tragically left this plane of existence three years ago. Lucas’s undeniable spirit and infinite stoke for the good things in life will forever continue after his passing, and it’s with that sentiment that we are proud to announce the fourth annual TOR de Lucas Scholarship. 

Lucas was the king of long creative loops and big wilderness adventures, but the TOR des Géants and the Aosta Valley was undoubtedly his happy place. He would return to the Bay Area at the end of September full of stories and anecdotes of his Italian adventures – always told with a bit of glimmer in his eyes that revealed the fact that part of him had never really left Aosta. And Lucas wasn’t wrong – the TOR des Géants really is a magical event that somehow lifts every runner up to infinite heights while also breaking them down to their most basic and vulnerable self. It’s not for everyone, and yet it is for everyone at the same time. Lucas knew this and had a knack for encouraging and supporting his peers to push far out of their comfort zone and come face to face with their dragons on the inside. 

There are no requirements for application to the scholarship. We ask that you embody the spirit of Lucas and bring a sense of adventure, curiosity, strength, and stoke to this big adventure and that you leave behind at least as much love in Aosta as you take away. We ask that you eat all the pasta, drink all the espresso, howl at the moon every night when it rises, and try to speak as much Italian as you can, no matter how awkwardly it comes out. We ask that you dream big – because that’s what Lucas was doing his entire life.  And we ask that you have fun out there – because if it’s not fun, why even do it? 

The Scholarship

The goal of the TOR de Lucas Scholarship is to provide both financial and community support to a runner that might need a little extra boost to take on a challenge as big as the TOR330. The 2024 recipient will be awarded:

  • Race entry fee for TOR des Géants 330 (900 Euros)

The recipient is responsible for entering the lottery – in the event of a negative draw in the lottery, they will have the option of purchasing a charity bib entry and paying the difference themselves.

  • Travel Stipend ($1000)
  • Access to a community of TOR enthusiasts – finishers, non-finishers, coaches and lovers of Aosta Valley.

The Application

Please fill out the following application by February 15th 2024. We’ll announce the recipient by March 1st 2024.

The 2024 Scholarship Application

If you’d like to donate to the scholarship please click here.

Remembering Lucas:

If you’d like to learn more about Lucas and his life please read the following:

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