About Me

I’ve been an athlete all of my life, but really picked up my running shoes in Fall of 2013. Following successful careers in both competitive cycling and rock climbing, and following a particularly debaucherous weekend romp, I went out for a 3 mile road run that almost killed me and spontaneously signed up for the Berkeley Half Marathon. I finished in under two hours and was hooked on running, but a little spooked by the giant crowds and finite beer tickets. My buddy/coach/mentor Lance convinced me that I should come over to the dark side and try my luck at a trail race – they had bacon at the aid stations, and all the beer you could drink at the end (until the cooler was empty at least). I hopped in a trail half marathon at China Camp State Park, and the rest is history. I have since also retired from drinking but have been diving deeper and deeper into the trail running ever since.

My first 13.1

My idea of a perfect day is to be running in the mountains just before sunrise so I can see it come up over the country and ridges and keep running all day until sunset. Sometimes solo, sometimes with my loved ones and friends, always in the full glory of nature and the calming peace of my own mind. The 100k distance is my current favorite as it allows me to really stretch it out and drop in deeply, while still getting a bit of sleep that night.

Thanks for checking out my blog – I hope you enjoy it!! Check out these links if you would like to find out more about My Road to the Trail, or click here if you are confused on the name of the Blog.

My idea of a good day, on top of Mont Buet