What:  A minimally supported casual run along the California Riding and Hiking Trail traversing beautiful Joshua Tree National Park.

When: Usually the Saturday after Thanksgiving – send me an email for updates!

Where:  The California Riding and Hiking Trailhead at Black Rock Canyon Campground outside of Yucca Valley, CA to Belle Campground in Joshua Tree National Park.

Why:  Because it’s the most beautiful and longest trail in the park.  Because it’s a pretty fast, net downhill journey.  Because it passes right by the largest Joshua Tree in the world.  Because you probably ate a lot of food and pie on Thursday.  Because there are neat looking NPS mile-marker signs every mile along the trail to keep you going.  Because LA hipsters have invaded Jtree but they don’t really do much hiking.  Because running is fun.

Who:  Please email joshuatree50k@gmail.com with questions or for more information.

Notes:  There will be no trail markings as this is not a race.  It’s a reasonably well-marked trail, follow it!  If you have any questions about navigation bring a map, GPS, or personal assistant.

If everything goes as planned there will be water at Covington Flats, Keys View Road, and Geology Tour Road.  If things are going really well there will be a Subaru with a trunk full of snacks and drinks at Keys View Road.

  • Black Rock Trailhead:  Mile 0
  • Covington Flats:  Mile 7.5
  • Keys View Road: Mile 17.5
  • Geology Tour Road: Mile 24
  • Pinto Basin Road: Mile 29
  • Belle Campground: Mile 31-ish

Ideally a few folks can pair up and leave a car at the Twin Tanks or Belle Campground parking area so you can get back to the start and get your other car.  Civil Twilight occurs at 17:04.

The author of this blog assumes no responsibility for anyone running along this trail.  If you get injured, broken, lost, left behind, sent ahead, abandoned, made fun of, stung, scraped, poked, or killed – it’s your own damn fault.


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  1. Oh hells yes!!! I would love to do this. Too bad I keep forgetting I don’t live in Burbank anymore…. it’s a longer drive from Salt Lake City. But still…. hmm.

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